Happy Friday All! It’s been a while, but I hope everyone is doing well! So much has been going on in the world and in life, but I wanted to stop and check in! As I was driving one day, the lyrics of an old song popped into my head and I just kept singing the same part over: “I’m trying to make it to 100! 99 and 1/2 won’t do!” And depending on what’s at stake, that is completely accurate! In some avenues of life, you will never make it trying to do the bare minimum. 100% will be required for successful completion. But as I continued to ponder the lyrics, it made me think deeper. Sometimes we put a lot of unneeded pressure on ourselves trying to FORCE 100% in so many areas and we leave ourselves drained and stressed out instead of logically navigating our issues! In life there are some things that we will not be able to avoid and it will require EVERYTHING we have to push through, but the personal pressures that we place on ourselves mentally can be adjusted. Let’s lead with a more collaborative mindset; meaning, let’s stop the ALL OR NOTHING mentality. Continual additions are still progress. Let’s work on properly aligning what areas of life we allow to consume us and work to find lasting balance! Maybe I don’t have 1 hour to workout everyday, but doing 30 minutes on the weekend is better than nothing. Every properly aligned step we take is still leading us in the right direction. It might take us an extra hour to get there, but we arrive prepared and refreshed, and not stressed out and overwhelmed rushing to the finish line! Just some food for thought! Feel free to sound off in the comments! I hope you guys have a great weekend!

No Matter What!

No matter what, show up for yourself everyday! Some days there will be a laundry list of things for you to do, and not enough time to cover half of them! Some days it’s a struggle to even get out of the bed and force yourself to live life! Sometimes depression and anxiety will beat us with many stripes! Life can happen and leave us misplaced and devastated. Even in these moments, it’s important for us to continue to persevere and fight to show up for ourselves! That may look different from day to day, but your best is all you can do! The biggest battle you will ever fight will be between your ears! The mind is the battlefield of it all! The more we can control our minds, the better we’ll be at controlling our lives! We will never achieve what we can’t conceive. If you don’t believe you’ll ever get better, chances are you won’t! Everyday no matter how hard it is, we have a choice to make! We can remain chained to our past failures, doubts, and fears, or we can PUSH and show up for ourselves the best we can and keep making an effort every single day! We can all easily fall into slumps, but we can’t allow ourselves to stay there! Let’s make it a priority to show up for ourselves DAILY, no matter what! 🙂


Today’s message will be short and sweet! ALWAYS BE KIND! It costs us absolutely nothing to be kind to someone. So many people are dealing with challenges and battles that we are not aware of and are doing the best they can to maintain! Send someone a kind word of encouragement today. It just might shift the entire course of their day! Let’s stop being so self-consumed and self-absorbed and esteem others better than ourselves! Smiles and laughter are contagious; spread them around! Always be kind to others! You never know when the tables may turn and you will be in need of someone’s mercy and kindness! Have a great weekend!

Gratitude Never Gets Old!

Happy Friday! I hope you are all well! Before we get a head start on our weekend, let’s stop for a moment and re-center. I know it’s not always easy to look at the glass as half full instead of half empty! I know it’s challenging to always try to keep a positive attitude with so much going on in life. I know it can be difficult to constantly choose faith over fear, but.. it always pays off in the end. No matter what situation we are in, there is a lesson that can be learned. If we choose to analyze the situation correctly, we can still walk away with sincere gratitude! When we talk about gratitude, most people only walk away with the idea of thankfulness. And while that is a large part, there’s more. Gratitude also includes a readiness to spread that thankful attitude on to others. Our attitudes are contagious and we can control so much simply by our words and demeanor. So let’s all choose to focus on the good things that we can control, starting with ourselves! Let’s examine our lives and add joy and positivity where we can because no matter how bad you may have it right now, things could always be worse. There are people praying for that ‘bad’ situation you have because they are living in ‘worst!’ So let’s count our blessings and not our burdens! Having an attitude of gratitude will never go out of style! The fruits of gratitude will never get old! Have a great weekend!


Happy F-Word Friday All! Today’s word is FALLACY! A FALLACY is a misconception that usually results from inaccurate reasoning! In our day to day lives, we encounter many different fallacies! I think the worst fallacies come from ourselves! Too often we fill our minds with things like: ‘I’m not good enough!’ or ‘I can’t do this!’ We trick ourselves into believing that we are ‘less than’ and we adopt a defeated mindset! Well what better day than TODAY to drop that ‘stinking thinking’ mindset and to adopt an attitude that is filled with self-respect and encouragement? Hard times come, but they don’t last forever! The world is harsh enough with its twisted standards and unrealistic ideologies. Why add yourself to the list of doubters? Choose to be kind to yourself and appreciate all of your hard work, determination, and strength! Sometimes we don’t realize just how strong we are! Let’s choose to embrace our resilience and keep progressing! Let’s bury self-doubt TODAY! Have an amazing weekend!!!

Press On!

Hello Everyone!!! I just wanted to pop in and see how we are doing! I want to remind us all that it’s ok to not be perfect! It’s ok to mess up and recalculate some things. We are human and sometimes detours are necessary! If life becomes too much it is perfectly fine to pause, catch your breath, and get back in the race! To pause, doesn’t mean to stop! You don’t lose sight of the goal, but you take a moment to collect yourself! You make sure your mental and physical health is in check, and then you continue! Think about when your city is doing construction work on the roads and there are detours. We often don’t enjoy them, and they can make our route longer, but they still get us to the proper destination. Detours are set up to help us navigate a current area that isn’t ready or isn’t safe to use. You could be avoiding potholes and broken roads, or a tree might be down blocking your usual route, but the purpose is to avoid an issue and to make an alternate way to get to the same destination! Detours in life can be the same way! Sometimes there’s danger ahead and we don’t know. Certain life issues that cause detours aren’t always a bad thing! Detours can be beneficial if we use that time wisely. There is no shame in needing a break! The problem is when we allow the defeated mindset to halt all progress and to trick us into believing that we CAN’T be successful! You are fully capable of conquering every obstacle in your way! You might have to stop and catch your breath, but the race isn’t over. Every step in the right direction is still progress! Slow progress still counts! Don’t be fooled by others. This is YOUR journey! YOU control the narrative! So for everyone who is feeling the pressure of having to ‘PUSH’ and ‘PRODUCE’ and be ‘PERFECT’ RIGHT NOW… Know that it’s ok to take a moment to recalibrate and recalculate, but we don’t QUIT! Adjust your crown, and let the marathon continue! The world needs your greatness! Have a great day! 😊

No Take-Backs!

Life is full of decisions! Everyday, we make many different choices that shape the remainder of our lives. If you forget to set your alarm and you accidentally oversleep, it’s ok. You may be a few minutes late to work, but it’s not the end of the world. The next night you remember to set your alarm so that you aren’t late again. Problem solved! But there are some things in life that we don’t get a second chance or a ‘do-over!’ The two biggest things that we can never take back or get a second chance on, are our words and time! Once words are spoken, they are out there forever! You can apologize and try to make things right, but those words can never be taken back. We should always be mindful of the way we talk; not only to others, but also to ourselves! Some of us talk like we hate ourselves! How well do we use our time?! Every passing second leads to another passing second. The clock never stops, but we all have a time limit here. Our legacies and our impact will be remembered long after we leave! What we choose to do with the time that we are allotted is very important. Time wasted equals a life wasted! Let’s choose to be mindful of how we talk and how we spend our time! Our words have power and can be used to build up and restore, or to tear down and destroy! Let’s take advantage of every second that we have to make the world better or to help or encourage others! Everyday is filled with choices and decisions! Get off the sideline and get active! In the game of life when the shot clock buzzes, there aren’t any chances to do things over! You get one shot, so make it count!


Happy F-Word Friday! Today’s word if FORM! FORM has several definitions, but for today’s context, I’d like to use the following verb definitions:

  1. To bring together parts or combine to create (something)
  2. To make or fashion into a certain shape or form

As I talk to different people, and look around social media, I see so many people conFORMing. Everyone is trying to be a cookie cutter, perfect copy, of someone else. Now it’s always nice to be inspired by others or to get new ideas while networking; Those things are beneficial. What I’m referring to is much more toxic. Never have I seen so many people so discontent and unsatisfied with themselves. So many people lack self-confidence and self-love and it’s quite alarming. We look at unrealistic images on social media and we start to get wound up tightly in the trap of comparing ourselves to others, and then finding ourselves lacking. In and of itself, making improvements to yourself is not a bad thing. It’s great when you take control of your life and improve something, but the difference is the launching place. Are those feelings coming from a place of wanting to be better and do better? Or are they rooted in comparing yourself to someone else and feeling less than up to par because of it? There’s a big difference! Largely social media has created more self-deterring complexes, anxiety, and depression than ever before. Everyone is always pressured to fit into a perfect sized mold or FORM. If we aren’t careful, we can be guilty of this. We should always remember that looks can deceiving! What glitters is not always gold. You never know what people are ACTUALLY going through. It’s like a picture filter. You take a picture of something, and it’s just ok.. but once you put the right filter on it, it’s amazing; almost perfect! But when it’s time to take the filter off, we’re left with what really exists. Let’s continue to believe in ourselves and embrace our true authenticity! No one else can you! The FORM of you is a custom 1 out 1 mold! So focus on bringing the best parts of your life to the light and continuing to grow and learn, and never stop loving yourself! Things don’t always go as we plan them, but everyday is a new blank canvas for us to create the life we want! Have a great weekend! 😊

Pulse Check!

Happy Friday! I hope everyone is doing well! Just wanted to drop in and do a quick pulse check! Is everyone ok? Are we still pushing and thriving? Have we already slipped back into those old habits? It’s ok.. we will take this time to adjust! Let’s take a step back and assess where we are, compared to where we want to be! Are we following the right road map? Well the good thing is that we’re still alive to make changes! Everyday brings a brand new opportunity to try again! So let’s not get caught up in what went wrong or how we aren’t quite on target, but let’s recognize where we are and get re-aligned! Remember slow progress is still progress! Don’t lose yourself in the process! Take time to enjoy life and find joy wherever you can! Let’s set our intentions on worthy goals and keep striving for greatness! Have a happy and safe weekend! 😊

Let’s Reflect!

Well we made it to the end of another year! As you look around you see the usual ‘New Year New Me!’ posts everywhere. For a lot of us, 2021 has been a pretty rough and challenging year. We are still in the middle of a pandemic with no clear end in sight, and things have been unpredictable to say the least! At the end of the year most people like to take time to REFLECT. Most people compare their New Year resolutions to reality and with that gauge how successful the year was. There’s nothing wrong with resolutions or setting goals, but sometimes we let a list overshadow more important things. If you didn’t complete every item on your goal list this year, it’s ok! Instead focus on the things that you were able to accomplish. Take a wise self evaluation and be proud of all the other ways you improved. Maybe you didn’t lose those 15 lbs, but you developed a healthier relationship with food. Perhaps you didn’t save $5000, but you saved $500! Every effort should be acknowledge and appreciated! Now I’m not saying to take it easy and take the pressure off; we should definitely be fighting to improve each day! What I am saying is to stop focusing on what went wrong, and appreciate what went right! As I REFLECT back on this year, a few key takeaways stick out: 1- Stop the comparison trap! You can’t fully enjoy your own life if you’re constantly comparing it to someone else’s! Only you can be YOU! 2- Make self-care a priority! Your mental health is valuable! De-stress and de-clutter your life to keep your sanity a priority! 3- Adopt an attitude of gratitude! If you’re so focused on being grateful, you won’t have time to complain! There are many lessons I learned this year, but making an effort to immerse myself in gratitude has been the most rewarding. I don’t stress as much, I don’t worry as much, and I’m genuinely more happy regardless of outside circumstances! If you have NOTHING else to be thankful about for 2021, be thankful for simply being alive! So many people didn’t make it to December 31st! Choose to count your blessings instead of your burdens! That’s a recipe for good living! I wish you all nothing but joy and happiness in 2022!