Well Hello There! It’s been a little while since our paths have crossed! I hope you all are doing well. There is so much going on in the world these days. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been missing in action for a few months. I took some time off to focus on my own personal issues and to strengthen myself mentally. When I first began ‘Coffee Stains and Panic Attacks,’ my very first blog for F-Word Friday was the word FRIENDS! Man I have really been blessed in that department! I’m thankful to be surrounded by so many wonderful people. FRIENDS that won’t let me drop the ball. Sometimes I just like to run away from my talents and pretend they don’t exist, but you guys wouldn’t let me! You know who you are and it is greatly appreciated! Thank you! ❤ They say absence makes the heart grow fonder! Well we shall see just how much you guys missed me! 🙂 During these different and often difficult times in life, it’s important to have a support system to help you fight stress and mental breakdowns. That could be friends or family, therapy, massages, online shopping (I tried 🙂 ), a good book, music, exercising, anything that can help to relieve anxiety, stress, and allow you to relax and come to yourself. No one knows YOU better than YOU! Everyone has different limits and breaking points. Taking time to better yourself is never selfish! We all need time for ourselves. The better I am, the better I can be to serve others! We all have our moments, but moments don’t last always. They should have expiration dates. If you feel like you need help battling anxiety or depression, please reach out for help and support! These are challenging times and we all handle things differently. Thank you all for your continued support. I am so grateful! Let’s continue to sprinkle positive seeds everywhere, as we navigate life! Take some time today to just list out all the things you are grateful for! It’ll do you some good to focus on what’s right and not on what’s wrong! I hope you all have a Happy Friday, and an amazing weekend! 🙂


Happy Saturday All! It’s been a while, but I hope you are doing well! I just popped in to say THANKS! With so much going on in the world and with so many people dealing with so much, I wanted to use this time to encourage us to look beyond the current storm and be thankful! Things may not be exactly how we want them, and that’s ok, but we can still control our outlook on life! The Covid-19 pandemic have many people ill and displaced and confused. The media is mass producing stories of fear and panic! It’s so easy to get distracted if we aren’t purposefully controlling our minds! Remember whatever we plant will grow! So what are we choosing to focus on during this time? I’m focusing on gratitude and thanksgiving. I celebrated a birthday yesterday and I’m so thankful. No, it wasn’t what I had planned originally, but so many people went above and beyond to make my day special. I’m alive and I’m healthy! I choose to focus on the blessings instead of planting and growing the seeds of fear. No, we can’t ignore the realities of the current state of the world, but we can control how we let it control us! I hope you all have a great day! 😊


Happy Monday All! Today is a beautiful new day that we’ve been blessed to see! Let’s try to enjoy it! It’s a new day, a new week, and full of new opportunities! Let’s release and let go of all of the cares and burdens of last week! Let’s forgive ourselves for the mistakes we made, and let’s stop being so critical of ourselves and others! It’s time to stop burying ourselves alive with the burden of regret and accept the new opportunities around us! Find the things that you love most about yourself. Maybe everyone else HATES IT, who cares!! Love yourself first! You can’t live for anybody else, but YOU! Time wasted is precious time that we will never get back! So let’s choose RIGHT NOW, regardless of our circumstances to make today (and every day) the best day we can have! Things may not always work in our favor, but we will flash the same winning smile for every disappointment. We control how we allow things to affect us! So let’s truly work on improving ourselves.. for ourselves! You can’t pour from an empty cup! My challenge to you today is to take some time, be it only 10 minutes, to do something kind for yourself! Maybe write a poem, dance to your favorite song, meditate, exercise, try a new recipe, whatever excites YOU.. DO IT TODAY!! Let’s have a great week!!


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Happy F-Word Friday Everyone! I hope you are all doing well! Today’s word is FRITTER! Usually I choose my F-Words by my mood or current events, but I came across this one and loved it! Per Google, FRITTER means:

I found that definition to be so fitting for a lot of people that I encounter, and even myself at times. It says to waste time, money, or energy on trifling matters! Wow! How many of us can relate? It is often the case that we spend substantial amounts of time worrying and stressing over things that don’t really even matter in the grand scheme of things. Time is so precious, yet so fleeting! Let’s learn to spend our time more wisely! So how do we do this? Here are just a few tips:

  1. Appreciate the present! We often spend so much time beating ourselves up over the past or worrying about the future, which may never come! Enjoy today while it’s still TODAY!! Tomorrow will take care of itself!
  2. Be mindful of your attitude! Don’t overreact! Minimize the dramatics, and stay level headed. By doing this you will stay calmer, more positive, and ultimately handle situations more peacefully..
  3. Forgive/ apologize quickly! Don’t hold grudges! No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. Extend the same grace and forgiveness that you would want in return!

Bottom line, let’s be kind to each other! Let’s treat each other the way we would want to be treated. Let’s not FRITTER and waste time on negativity and foolish thoughts. Let’s make the most of each opportunity we have! Have an amazing weekend! 🙂


Time is on my side!! That’s a popular song by The Rolling Stones, but is it really! TIME is the biggest deception of life! We are always tricked into believing that we have more time. The short answer, WE DON’T KNOW! We may live to see tomorrow, we may not! Our TIME on this Earth is not guaranteed! How many people do you think go to bed at night, knowing that they are going to die in their sleep? How many people do you think leave home for work in the morning knowing, they’ll get killed in an accident on the way? We don’t know! Life is uncertain, but death is sure! In knowing this, let us always strive to live righteous and fulfilling lives! Let’s love hard and forgive quickly! Let’s not hold grudges and cling to foolery! Time is such a blessing, but it is indeed short! We don’t know how much time we’ll have with each other, so let’s make the best of the present! If you were wrong, apologize! If you were wronged, forgive! It’s so cliche to say ‘Live each day like it’s your last, ‘ but it just might be! Once hurtful words are spoken, they can’t be taken back! Let’s be mindful of these things as we appreciate the time we have! Stop complaining and start counting your blessings! Start focusing on the legacy you will leave behind and the lives you can impact while you are here! Let’s make each day count!!! Have a great day!


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Happy 2020 Everyone! I hope you are all doing well! I am so excited to dive into this new year and to start accomplishing all of my goals! I was debating about whether I should try a vision board or not and I ended up coming across a vision planner instead. I was flipping through several when I stumbled across one that was covered in flowers and read: This year is for blooming!! I knew it was the winner! That is the mindset that I want to focus on this year! BLOOMING! Sometimes we get stuck in the planting and watering stages so much that we never get around to BLOOMING! We start tasks that we don’t complete, and we give up easily! Aren’t you tired of that? Isn’t mediocrity boring?! It’s time to recharge, refresh, and renew our visions, and reach our goals once and for all! I hope 2020 brings you all nothing but the best! Let’s hit the ground running!! THIS YEAR IS FOR BLOOMING!!!!! ❤ 🙂


HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!! I hope you are all doing well! We have finally made it to the last FRIDAY of the year! This year has flown by so fast for me! 2019 was full of ups and downs, joy, and pain, but nonetheless, we made it! There isn’t a specific F-Word for today, but I would like to close my last post of the year out with a sense of gratitude. Thank you to everyone who has ever read, liked, re-posted, or commented on a blog post! I appreciate it! I wish all of you a fantastic 2020 full of everything you work for! Notice I didn’t say everything you ‘hope’ for? I said work. WORK! That is what it takes to make dreams a reality! Nothing comes to us by sitting and complaining. We must take action. We must force ourselves out of our comfort zones if we truly want to grow! Things won’t change until we do and life will give us whatever we ask of it, IF we are willing to put the work in. With that being said, you guys can look forward to some changes here with ‘Coffee Stains and Panic Attacks’ as well. There will still be an occasional F-Word Friday here and there, but I want to dive deeper and visit different subjects! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! 🙂  I pray that we all accomplish much greatness in 2020! But let’s not get sidetracked, there are still 4 days left in  2019! We can still finish strong! Start to make the changes you want to carry over NOW! Create and exhibit the mindset you want NOW! Don’t wait on January 1st! There is plenty of work to do NOW! Have a great weekend and enjoy the rest of 2019! I’ll see you, new and improved, in 2020!

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Happy F-Word Friday!!! Today’s word is FINALE! When you hear the word FINALE, it’s usually referring to end of something. Consider for an example, a sitcom! At the beginning of the season they have a premiere and at the end they have a FINALE! The FINALE is usually dramatic and exciting, and typically ties up loose ends. It’s when big decisions are made and changes come about. The FINALE or close… of 2019 is upon us! We only have one more Friday left in the year! It’s time to begin to prepare for 2020, but before we do, let’s reflect! Think on the goals you had for 2019. Did you accomplish them all? Will some of them make the list for 2020? Any regrets? Hash all of your plans out! Brainstorm! Make a vision board! Clear your mind and write out all you want to accomplish in 2020 with great detail. Review these things multiple times a day until the vision you have for your life becomes closer and closer to reality. Too often we give up right before we strike gold! Let’s persevere and see things through. Let’s begin working on our goals today! Don’t wait for 2020, start NOW! Let’s make success a habit! Let’s focus, prepare, and execute our plans and nurture them to existence! #11 days left in the year!! Let’s keep going strong!


Happy F-Word Friday All! Today’s word is FLAK! Among other definitions, FLAK means to take heavy or extreme criticism. I was reading an article not too long ago about children being bullied. There was a little girl being bullied who decided that she would fight back with love, and combat the criticism or FLAK, in a different way. she said that the criticism of others hurt her feelings initially, but she decided to ‘change her mind’ about how she let it affect her. So whatever they bullied her about, that’s what she focused on. For example if they talked about her hair, she would style it in an extreme and noticeable way the next day. Long story short, once the bullies realized that she didn’t care about their attacks and she only accentuated them, they began to stop. They saw that bullying was pointless. What a lesson! We can learn so much from this! Often as adults, we let the criticism and judgments of others depict our lives and control our thoughts about ourselves. We start to catch FLAK from all directions and then we are ready to give up! Let’s instead take those criticisms and fuel them into something better. Let’s stop giving people who don’t matter, free space in our minds! Social media is full of trolls that find pleasure in putting others down. Let’s make sure we aren’t trolling ourselves! Let’s really focus on making ourselves better! We still have 18 days left in 2019! Let’s go!!!


Happy F-Word Friday All! Today’s word is FETTER! A FETTER is usually some type of chain used to restrain a prisoner in an effort to restrict freedom. These FETTERS are typically worn around the ankle to restrict movement. When we restrict our movements, we restrict our growth! Some of us have restrained ourselves with mental FETTERS! We have built a mental prison of pain, woes, sorrow, shame, guilt, and humiliation. We refuse to forgive ourselves for things from our past, so we keep our future at bay while we stay chained to old thoughts. We have to loosen the bonds and free ourselves. No one can stop us if we never give up. Obstacles will come and try to trip us up.. and some of them may work, but if we continue to strive, we will reach the finish line. Sometimes we simply lack faith and we give up. No one is beating us down, life isn’t choking us out, we simply just give up! We convince ourselves that we aren’t worth it and throw in the towel. SHAME ON US!! If we don’t believe in ourselves, how can we expect others to? That’s like me trying to sell you on a product that I don’t even use or believe in. Not convincing at all right? It’s time to change that! Let’s remove the clutter from our minds and renovate our thinking! There are 26 days left in 2019 and we can still cover major ground. Stop counting yourself out and for once, believe in YOU! Great things can happen with faith and determination! Let’s finish strong!

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